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Welcome to You're a BLACK Woman, He's a BLACK Man—the website about you! If you're young, Black, smart, and flyy, you'll enjoy everything our site has to offer. We know that your interests, issues, and values are unique, so we're devoted to bringing them to the forefront. YABW, HABM features articles dedicated to our community, including but not limited to our political, social, and economic needs. Our diverse staff of writers and contributors keep their ears to the street and bring you news and information, straight up and from our perspective.

Whether it's about fashion, beauty/grooming, dating, your professional career, or just the challenges of everyday young, urban life, we got you covered. Tune in to YABW, HABM because we promise you won't find articles anywhere else that are more informative, entertaining, edgy, and most of all, REAL. You can also discover the latest in news, gossip, and entertainment via our external links.

The special thing about us is, like you, we’re products of the hip-hop generation. So naturally, the genre and its predecessors, R & B, Jazz, and Soul music influence much of what we do here. It’s essential! You’ll definitely appreciate this added touch. It’s like the unofficial soundtrack to your life.

But wait, we didn't stop there! Since this site is all about YOU, for your convenience, we've included a page that allows you to keep up with YOUR STUFF. From My Stuff page, you can go directly to your email and social networking accounts, shop, do research, and browse various other media outlets. It's your one-stop shop for everything you need in your life, so tell your friends and MAKE US YOUR HOMEPAGE!

Friends, we want YABW, HABM to serve as a forum where you can articulate what's going on in your communities, families, and you personally. So we invite you to speak your mind and show your support by contributing an article on anything you want to put out there. If You’re A BLACK Woman or you’re a BLACK Man, we guarantee, you won’t be disappointed!